Many expressed doubts and disbelief when Pawan Kalyan chose to act in Vakeel Saab, the official remake of the award winning Bollywood courtroom drama ‘Pink’ in his comeback film after more than 2 years. The reason behind this unexpected reaction was Pink’s intense and non-commercial story setup that primarily discusses women’s issues.

But in a latest interview, Vakeel Saab’s director Venu Sreeram revealed that, even though the film has not much scope for commercial elements, they have incorporated certain commercial elements to satisfy Pawan’s fans. Well, this looks almost like the director is confessing to diluting Pink just for the sake of fans who usually love watching commercial potboilers and mass masala entertainment.

Pink’s story is a story of three young women and their ordeals in the eye of law after being the victims of sexual abuse. How a lawyer, played by Amitabh Bachchan, fights their case and gets them justice is the main crux of the story.

Well, whether or not the makers will retain the basic purpose of Vakeel Saab to be a pro-feminist film like its Hindi original remains to be seen. Produced by Dil Raju and Boney Kapoor, Vakeel Saab is expected to release during the Dussehra festive season.