Grand Theft Auto Online punishes players that used apartment and garage money glitches by wiping their in-game bank accounts.

Grand Theft Auto Online is keeping players satisfied long after the campaign for Grand Theft Auto 5 has finished. The online game allows players to take the mechanics of Grand Theft Auto 5 and apply them to events and it also adds a greater focus on finance. Naturally, a game focused on stealing from the rich has had plenty of players exploit glitches to earn more cash. However, the Los Santos Summer update appears to now be punishing these players.

The online game uses money that can be earned from challenges or exchanged for real currency to enable players to buy cosmetic items and useful vehicles. This has led to some players trying to exploit the delicate economy to get the most out of the game without sacrificing time or real money. Grand Theft Auto Online has been banning players and addressing glitches to stop players from exploiting the mechanics of the game, but it seems that the latest update has created new issues to be addressed.

A recent glitch that could make players millions by manipulating garages and apartments appears to have been addressed by Rockstar Games. A Reddit thread has drawn attention to the fact that Rockstar Games has been wiping money from the accounts of players who used this exploit and it also seems that the videos on the glitch have been struck. This has alarmed some Grand Theft Auto Online players, while others appear to be frustrated with the experience as a whole.

YouTuber JK Gam3rs has warned players about the practice as their videos on it have been taken down and alongside the Reddit post, it appears that Rockstar Games are taking action against players. It seems that the developer has seen the garage glitch as a danger to the game and as a result are attempting to remove it. Although it should be noted that players seem to find glitches for financial gain relatively frequently in the game.

Despite GTA Online giving away a million dollars a month to players there still seems to be serious problems with its current economy. Many players have stated that they are tired of the incredibly high prices in the game and the grind required to have a full experience. With this in mind, patches and copyright strikes may be a temporary fix, but the development team may need to look at the game as a whole and address the issues that drive players to exploits.

While GTA Online still has a lot to offer players, a large proportion of the fan base will hope that its capitalist focus is adjusted to make it more enjoyable for its players.

Grand Theft Auto Online is available on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, and will be available on PS5 and Xbox Series X in 2021.