WhatsApp Web: The company is testing new image editing features on its desktop app. Here’s how you can try them out right away.

WhatsApp, the most popular encrypted messaging service in the world has been constantly adding new features to the cross-platform messenger service in an attempt to increase its userbase. After working on features like multi-device support that is now in beta testing, the company recently released a new view once mode for images and videos. The service is now working on adding support for a new feature – the ability to edit images from WhatsApp Web on the desktop.

We recently reported that WhatsApp was adding a new editing feature for WhatsApp Web on a desktop computer or laptop. The arrival of such a feature means that users will be able to upload an image directly from their desktop, rotate and crop it, then add text, draw on top or add emoji before they send it to their contacts. The desktop version of the app will also add options to Undo and Redo their changes to an image before it is ready to send.

It is important to note that if you are on the regular, stable version of WhatsApp, then you will not be able to try these new features until it is out of the beta stage. In order to join the beta version of the app, you can follow our handy guide here. Once you have joined the beta version of the WhatsApp app on your smartphone, follow the steps below to continue:

Step 1) Check your WhatsApp version to make sure the latest version is installed. You can head to the Google Play Store or Apple’s TestFlight app to make sure they’re up to date.

Step 2) If you are on Android and are not on the beta version, you can download the latest APK from a trustworthy website like APKMirror. However, you will not receive beta updates using this method.

Step 3) Now try re-linking your WhatsApp Web app on your desktop or laptop. Once you log in to the web app, you should have access to the new controls.

Step 4) On WhatsApp Web, click the upload button inside any chat and select an image to begin using the new tools on the app.