It took this Vietnamese father 65 days to build the ‘first open-top hybrid Lamborghini super sports car’ powered by a supercapacitor.

We have seen parents do the best for their kids, especially when it comes to getting them fancy toys. If their kids happen to like cars, they get the best toy cars available in the market. But this father in Vietnam decided to be in a league of his own. Truong Van Dao, a woodworker by profession, designed a fully functional wooden electric Lamborghini Sian Roaster for his son. On June 2, Truong shared a picture on Facebook wherein he is seen standing beside the car and handing over what appears to be a remote control to his son.

The car looks stunningly original but is made of wood and has that sleek design and sharpness of Lamborghini that we have watched on the roads roaring past us. A 15-minute video, shared on ‘ND – Woodworking Art’ on YouTube, shows the effort and time that went into the creation of this unique mini sports car.

It took the Truong 65 days to build the “first open-top hybrid Lamborghini super sports car” which is powered by a supercapacitor, according to the description of the video. The car is made of discarded trees and runs on a small electric motor that can produce a speed of up to 25 km/h.

Truong started by first preparing a platform, placing the wheels, and making it movable with the power of a battery and electric motor. He then got on to designing the bonnet, the side panels, and doors, etc. While it appeared easier in the beginning, highlighting details on the car took the most of time. From that front grill to the sharp lines on those scissor doors that are unique to Lamborghini as well as the placement of LED lights — in front as well as the back — have left YouTube viewers in admiration of the rare talent Truong possesses.

the father is even seen driving the miniature car on the roads of Vietnam as passers-by admire his talent.

However, this Lamborghini Sian Roaster is just one of Truong’s latest creations. In the past, he has also built miniature versions of Bugatti as well as BMW cars. A replica of Bugatti that this talented woodworker designed is one-third the size of the original but looks extraordinary.