Vivo V21 5G is teased to feature a 44-megapixel selfie camera.

The release date of Vivo V21 5G India has been announced. All phones will be available in Japan on April 29th. The company had previously announced its arrival in the phone market, but did not share the exact launch date. You can also check the release date and some phone specifications on Flipkart’s dedicated page. The Vivo V21 5G is designed to feature a 44-megapixel selfie camera with an optical image stabilizer (OIS) and a drop-style notch display.

Vivo V21 5G India Release Date, Expected Price

The· Flipkart list New Vivo V21 5G Confirm that the phone will be available in India on April 29th at 12:00 pm (noon) and will be available on the e-commerce site. There is no information about the price range of mobile phones, but you should be as aggressive as the other mobile phones in the series.The· Vivo V20 2021 is Current price Rupees in India. Prices for 22,990 and Vivo V215G can be slightly higher.

Vivo V21 5G specification (teas)

Flipkart lists some of the key specifications of the Vivo V215G along with their launch dates. The phone is designed to feature a 44-megapixel selfie camera with OIS and a dual spotlight flash for taking selfies in the dark. The Vivo V21 5G features a drop-style notch display for storing selfie cameras. On the back is a rectangular camera module with three sensors arranged in a triangular shape.

The e-commerce site states that the Vivo V21 5G will be available in Arctic White, Dusk Blue and Sunset Dazzle color options. The Arctic White and Sunset Dazzle are listed as 7.39 mm thick and weigh 177 grams, while the Dusk Blue color option is offered at 7.29 mm thick and weighs 176 grams. The Vivo V21 5G also has extended RAM capabilities that allow you to use 3GB of additional memory space as RAM on your phone.