One of the leading directors of Indian cinema Shankar is heartbroken and the reason behind this is, the death of his ex-assistant director. Going into details Shankar’s ex-assistant Arun Prasath met with an accident near Mettupalayam in Coimbatore, where his bike crashed into a lorry.

Learning about this Shankar turned teary eyed. Taking to his Twitter handle Shankar said he is deeply sadden by Arun’s death.

“Heartbroken by the sudden demise of the young director and my ex-assistant, Arun. You were always sweet, positive and hardworking. My prayers are forever with you and my deepest condolences to your family and friends,” tweeted Shankar in emotion.

Arun Prasath changed his name to Venkat Pakkar and directed the film ‘4G’ with GV Prakash Kumar and Gayathri Suresh in lead roles. The movie is still unreleased due to different reasons.

Seems like Shankar had a great rapport with his assistant Arun and so he personally took to his Twitter handle which usually doesn’t happen.