The actor states that people aren’t used to spending so much time with each other

“Human beings needed to slow down. We had been living a life full of hustle,” says Sayani Gupta. The actor confides that she has always loved staying home and she’s currently spending her time working on herself. She shares, “I’m utilising this time to introspect about life. It’s a great time to work out, eat healthy, learn some new recipes, engage in a dance routine and hone my painting skills. I hope I continue to enjoy this me-time.”

She says that the lockdown has caused Mumbai to slow down for the first time. She says, “The city never shuts down. Even after the terror attacks, the local trains never stopped. But now, it has come to a standstill. It’s like somebody has pressed the pause button on a remote. It’s Mother Earth’s way of telling us to take it easy else we shall be in a deeper crisis.”

She points out that this is “a tough time for families” and inter-personal relationships. “A lot of families are breaking up and divorce rates are shooting up. People aren’t used to spending so much time with each other. It must be excruciating for a family of eight to twelve members living in tiny rooms,” she says, expressing her concern.

The Article 15 (2019) actor extended financial support to her house help and driver to battle with the crisis a while ago. She says, “I’m extremely worried about homeless people and those who don’t have proper amenities and facilities and the privilege of social distancing. The labour class has been very badly hit. A huge financial crisis has hit the world and especially our country.”

Gupta, however, urges everyone to keep a positive mind. Looking out for the silver lining, she says, “The sea I see from my house looks way cleaner. We’ve cleaner air to breathe. One can hear the birds chirping. I believe this is the universe’s way of restoring and rebooting itself. I believe all of us should be thinking about what we’ve been doing wrong to the planet and hence, work towards a more sustainable way of living.”