Akshay Kumar has often spoken about the importance of fitness. He has expressed thing on how to be fit in a natural way and how Bollywood’s fitness is.

Akshay Kumar turned 52 years old in 2019, and yet he is considered as one of the fittest stars in the Hindi film industry. He has been showing the world that he is one of the fittest stars by doing his own stunts. Akshay Kumar’s lifestyle is what fans envy. On several occasions, Akshay has told his fans the importance of exercise and diet in one’s life. This #Throwbackthursday, here is what Akshay Kumar has had to say about the fitness in Bollywood from a 2019 interview. 

Akshay Kumar on being fit and Bollywood’s fitness 

While speaking in an interview with a leading daily, Akshay Kumar expressed that he likes to be around sportspersons as they have a different take on life which is similar to his lifestyle. He then added that he gets a lot to learn from the sportspersons about life as well as fitness. This is what motivates him to do his workout too. 

Akshay Kumar was asked about how Bollywood fitness is. To which he replied by expressing that Bollywood stars often take the help of products, which is wrong and should not be done. Stars usually take the help of products that help them build their body and aid with losing weight. He added that stars have forgotten to have Ghee and Maa ki hat ka khana which is much healthier than such products. Akshay Kumar added that they should have lassi, roti, curds, and other natural foods to gain health and not other things. 

Akshay Kumar also talked about his diet where he added that he consumes all things like carbs, fats, and proteins and gains the nutrients from natural sources. He added that if he goes someplace for shooting and does not get the food he wants then he eats bananas. He added that banana is the best food as it is healthy has nutrients and also fills the stomach. He said that this is one of the best foods that a health-conscious person can have.