Anupama Parameswara is not seen recently on her social media accounts and neither was an update from her in last few days. The actress came out speaking the reason for her sudden disappearance. She said she wanted to give an update on what’s going on in her life lately and now she came up with a video.

Anupama Parameswaran had lost two of her canine buddies (pet dogs) due to ‘parvovirus’ which she hadn’t heard of earlier and until she lost her dogs to it. Her pets Whiskey is doing better now, while she lost Rum and Toddy to the virus.

Anupama posted “Tried every single day since June 8th to make this video… was devastated and depressed… the pain was unbearable… and that exactly is the reason why I wanted to make this video… could not rescue my boys… but what happened to us shouldn’t happen to anyone else… we have only whiskey left now… he is better now..but glad atleast he is with us… Swipe To know more about “parvovirus”

And “no” the Virus don’t affect human beings… Take care of your canine buddies.. ♥️ this can affect vaccinated dogs too … both rum and toddy were”