A Lot of people watched El Camino.

The new Breaking Bad movie, El Camino, premiered on Netflix earlier this month and it seems a lot of people tuned in. According research company Nielsen, the movie drew more than 6.5 million viewers over its first weekend alone.

The numbers, which were obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, state that El Camino had a 6.54 million “average minute audience” over its first three days. The numbers also state that about 2.65 million people watched on day one and that the largest percentage of viewers were people in the 18-34 age range (1.08 million on day one and 2.34 million over first three days).

Importantly, Nielsen’s numbers only cover the United States. Netflix has not yet released any official viewership data for El Camino, but Breaking Bad has a global appeal so the numbers are likely bigger than what Nielsen reported.

El Camino picks up immediately after the events of Breaking Bad, which ended its run on TV back in 2013. As THR mentions, the reported 6.54 million viewers for the first weekend is close to what Breaking Bad the TV show was getting during its final season.

GameSpot’s El Camino review scored the movie an 8/10.

“If you love Breaking Bad and Jesse Pinkman, El Camino is a beautifully crafted kindness, and a chance to spend another hour or so with a character you care about,” reviewer Meg Downey said. “If you don’t have strong feelings about either of those things, El Camino may feel like a really spectacularly shot screen saver. Either way, the fact that it exists at all, and that Sony TV and Netflix were willing to put money behind what is so obviously an extremely niche passion project, feels like a good omen for franchise TV.”