Director Ram Gopal Varma did not waste any time in this lockdown as he has come up with a film on Corona virus. The title of the film is also ‘Corona virus’ and RGV unveiled the trailer this evening.

It’s about a family who is probably stranded due to lockdown. A young lady from the family shows the symptoms of Corona as she keeps coughing all the time and complains of sore throat and body pains. The family panics in fear that she might be infected with the virus. What will the family do the young lady might form the plot.

Just imaging the plot itself sounds silly and one can expect how the film is going to be like. In the recent times, RGV is literally making films with utterly poor content and ‘Corona virus’ is not exception.

But lastly RGV gives a punch to Telugu states CMs i.e, KCR and YS Jagan who have said that Corona is a normal fever and will go with Paracetamol tablet and bleeching powder.