John Schneider better put his legal dukes up, because his ex-wife says he owes her seven figures.

According to TMZ, John’s ex, Elvira Schneider, filed court documents claiming that the “Dukes of Hazzard” star owes her $1,115,824 in unpaid spousal support, dating back 4 years.

John and Elvira, who were married for 26 years, have been at odds over their finances for years.

Back in 2016, a judge ordered John to pay his ex $18,911 per month while they hammered out their divorce, which was settled last August. As part of the settlement, John was ordered to may $25,000 a month.

Elvira, who also goes by the name Elly, said John brings home $172,000 a month, alleging that he shouldn’t have an issue coughing up the money. In fact, she conjured up a plan to have her funds come from 30 different studios and production companies that she says pay the former “Bo Duke.”

The split between the former couple has been nasty, to say the least. In June 2018, a judge sentenced John to spend three days behind bars for failing to pay spousal support, but he served about five hours due to overcrowding. A month later, John asked a judge to send him to jail in order to avoid paying his ex-wife spousal support.

When they settled their divorce last August, the judge in the case determined that John did Elly wrong when he sold off one of their Louisiana properties and failed to split the proceeds with her. Legal documents obtained by TMZ also revealed that he emptied one of their IRA accounts.

His behavior led the judge to give Elly sole ownership of their $600,000 California property as well as a different IRA with $60,000 left in it. She also got a portion of his Screen Actors Guild pension. John was also required to pay Elly’s legal fees to the tune of $279,000.