Rangoli Chandel’s account has been suspended by Twitter. She had earlier written that she had been warned by Twitter not to share communal posts.

Actor Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli Chandel’s Twitter account has been suspended. Rangoli had lately been tweeting controversial messages with communal undertones.

Calling Twitter an American platform that “absolutely biased and anti India”, Rangoli said in a statement that she has “no desire of empowering any such platforms with my perspective and honest opinions”. She added, “I am not reviving my account, I was my sister’s spokes person now watch out for her direct interviews, she is a huge star she has many ways of reaching out, a biased platform can be easily avoided.”

Gold director Reema Kagti had earlier tweeted that Rangoli should be arrested by the police for spreading fake news. “@MumbaiPolice. Could you please look into this and take action? Isn’t this spreading fake news AND inciting hatred & violence against certain people? @OfficeofUT @AUThackeray,” Reema wrote in her tweet.

Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli Chandel’s Twitter account suspended

Rangoli had tweeted that medical professionals were attacked and killed when trying to conduct coronavirus tests. When a Twitter user asked Kagti if what Rangoli had tweeted was true, she replied, “No. The police and medical team were attacked by miscreants. No one was killed. And even if the news was true it still doesn’t justify a call to line up innocent people and shoot them, don’t you think?” She added, “I condemn stigma & attacks on health and frontline workers wholeheartedly. The tweet you’re trying to defend is toxic. Please think about it for a moment and then hope you have the head and the heart to recognise that.”

Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli Chandel’s Twitter account suspended

Rangoli had also fired back at designer Farah Khan Ali who wanted Rangoli to be arrested. “An FIR should be registered against her for this tweet. shocking beyond belief,” she had written.

Rangoli had tweeted last week that Twitter had given her warnings about her posts but she did not plan to pay heed to them. “If they suspend my account will open my own YouTube channel where I will make Kangana’s small videos saying what is there for everyone to see, we never said anything without evidence if twitter going to harass us we don’t want to be here just wishing good morning and good evening,” she had written.