You do you, Ky!

  • Kylie Jenner just casually posted some pictures of herself naked in her bed.
  • She’s wearing a huge diamond ring and a full face of makeup, so there’s also that!

I don’t know how you spent your Friday, but it looks like yesterday Kylie Jenner used her time to hang out in bed topless with some diamonds on and a full face of makeup. I’m just going to assume that this is how billionaires do things, cause honestly, I can’t relate!

Kylie captioned the picture “Bbygirl” which gives us no context for what’s going on here, who took the photo, or why Kylie decided to share the pictures on Insta. That said, Kylie obviously looks amazing, and is striking some sultry poses cause she knows she looks good.

And while nobody needs a reason to post a thirst trap on Insta (it’s basically what the app was invented for), I’m just gonna point out that Kylie and Travis Scott are currently split up, which mighttttt be the reason for the sexi pics. Who knows!

For those looking for an update on the Travis/Kylie situation, yesterday it was reported that Travis might be living at Kylie’s house again ever since he broke his knee at a concert, and the two are “getting very comfortable” with each other again even if they haven’t officially gotten back together. And Kylie’s family is apparently rooting for a reconciliation. A source previously shared, “Her family wants them to be together. Travis might not be perfect, but he’s a great partner and dad. Everyone would be upset if Kylie can’t figure things out with Travis.”

So I’ll just be here closely watching the comment section of Kylie’s Insta to see if Travis decides to chime in…