Bollywood actress Mouni Roy is enjoying the self-quarantine period to the fullest. She spending most of her time either reading books or cooking her favourite food. Since the home- quarantine has begun the actress has been cooking some of her preferred dished like pasta, pizza, garlic bread and pav-bhaji.

A day ago she took to her Instagram to give a glimpse of her pav-bhaji prep. While sharing the video she penned a long note which read, “Someone once said practice before you can preach , as you can see it’s been a while being self quarantined am trying to find ways to be productive, use my time widely to spend time with the humans I adore , practice patience and love, pray & meditate for an hour everyday at least ; acquired a new found interest in cooking (dunno how long that ll last) which am trying to participate in everyday ( & not eat everything at once); Read & write; do homework with my boys. Painted something after 7 odd years ; trying to paint a series, uncertain of how they ll turn out… all this just to say let’s continue doing things that actually matters with people who mean everything with-out all the bullshit, living the stories that ll make our days beautiful and life meaningful.. this is probably the scariest time we’re all living in .. have never known/felt more fear and panic in the entire social structure, all communities, can only hope we all are doing our best to eradicate it. प्रणाम , gratitude and love to the doctors, nurses and medical staffs and units working tirelessly.. I know this isn’t a holiday but we surely can use the time fairly, as there re many daylight & dusk hours still to fill …”