Mega brother Naga Babu’s comment on Godse and Gandhi has become the talk of the town. On the occasion of Nathuram Godse’s birthday, Naga Babu tweeted that Godse’s patriotism shouldn’t be questioned and that his action of assassinating Gandhi was “debatable”. Naga Babu is a member of the Jana Sena Party’s Political Action Committee. While Jana Sena party’s own followers have disowned Naga Babu’s comments, now it is the turn of Pawan Kalyan.  Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan termed Naga Babu’s comments are his individual opinion, which doesn’t reflect the  Jana Sena party’s view.

Jana Sena Party released an official statement to the media and stated that it has no connection with their party leader’s personal opinions, comments.

 The released statement reads, “The opinions expressed by Jana Sena party Political Affairs Committee member Naga Babu are solely his personal and are not concerned with the Jana Sena party. We have been informing the opinions of the party through official documents and through the official social media from time to time. I appeal to take only them into consideration. “

Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan added, “I would like to clarify one thing to everyone belonging to Jana Sena Party that this is the period where people are confronting unprecedented difficulties. I appeal to move forward to serve the people without violating discipline.”