Actress Sobhita Dhulipala, who has been accused of making false claims of ‘self-timing‘ a magazine photoshoot, has issued a statement in self-defence.
A few days ago, Sobhita had posted a few of her pictures claiming she had clicked the images with a self-timer.

However, the authenticity of her claim came under scrutiny after snapshots, showing Sobhita being clicked on her terrace by a man, went viral on social media.
Seeing the viral images, many followers started questioning her and accused her of lying.

Sobhita then penned a lengthy note, explaining that the man had just offered to help.

“Quite a few people have written to me about the image I last posted. It is upsetting and I am little taken aback by how urgently many have jumped to unkind conclusions, this is also a moment for me to learn something deeper,” she wrote.

She added: “I stand by the flow of events I’m sharing with complete transparency:

1. I style myself, go to the terrace with a coffee mug and a couple of tools to prop up my phone to take pictures.

2. There are people on the terrace and one kind gentleman upon learning that I’m trying to shoot my pictures, offers help.

3. After he graciously shoots a few pictures in the frame I wanted, I thank him and we depart.

Neither was the picture shot by him used by Cosmopolitan (It doesn’t belong with the magazine’s mandate) nor am I anything but proud of this wonderful collaboration with the magazine.

I only posted it along with the official ones because I like it. I recognise that I should have altered the caption text to mention that the second image was not part of the magazine shoot. I wish I had a more exciting, dramatic story but alas, truth often wears plain robes! Stay home and stay safe,” concluded the model-turned-actress.