The biggest question right now many celebs are being posed with at the moment is nothing but ‘when are you donating?’. With few top celebs doing hefty donations to PMNRF and CM Relief Funds, and others giving to various other funds, fans are continuously posing that question to every celeb.

Talking about the same, heroine Sonakshi Sinha took to her social media to say that whether she is donating or not, that is her personal thing. Also, she mentioned that there is no need to loudly shout about the donation made. Even Telugu director Nandini Reddy also expressed a similar opinion. She shared, “Why can’t we let people donate in the way they wish to ? Why is everything a public audit ? There a lakhs of people who are doing their bit privately. We have bigger battles to fight. Back off”.

As Film Celebs always love that publicity thing, and now suddenly they say that donations is a private thing, fans are not ready to accept as they are trolling them more after they have put up these words on social media. In Tollywood, we have the likes fo Balakrishna, Vijay Devarakonda and hero Rajasekhar getting trolled, while Rajasekhar told everyone that he is sending 400 food packets everyday into the city directly, rather donating to someone.