NBA: Steph Curry recently posted a video of his son Canon W Jack Curry working out while the Golden State Warriors star guided him through the exercises.

As the NBA suspension enters its fourth week, Steph Curry continues to share updates with his fans via Instagram. The Golden State Warriors star and his wife Ayesha Curry have constantly been spreading awareness about the virus, while also donating for COVID-19 relief. Steph Curry recently posts a video of his son Canon W Jack Curry working out.

Steph Curry Instagram: Steph Curry son Canon W Jack Curry works out in his new Instagram video

Steph Curry Instagram: Steph Curry son does push-ups and sit-ups in Curry’s new Instagram account 

In the video, Steph Curry instructs Canon to do push-ups, followed by a series of sit-ups. Curry also added an adorable caption to the video, calling Canon the hardest worker in the room. He joked about Canon’s form being questionable but accepted it anyway. Fans loved the video and even reacted by sharing some old videos of Canon. 

Steph Curry son: Fans react to Steph Curry son workout video posted by the Warriors star

Steph Curry Instagram: Curry posts video for COVID-19 awareness on Twitter and Instagram.

Curry has been self-quarantining at home with his family since the NBA suspension was announced on March 11. While Utah Jazz’s Rudy Gobert was the first NBA player to test positive, Curry was the first player to get tested for showing symptoms similar to COVID-19. Curry tested positive for seasonal flu instead of coronavirus.