She’s not the bad guy here, okay?

Ah, remember the good old days? When Tayshia Adams and John Paul Jones were reciting poetry to each other on the beautiful beaches of Bachelor in Paradise? If it seems like that was basically five minutes ago, it’s because it kinda was. Life moves fast in Bachelor Nation. Unfortunately, the two have have since split up, and Tay PJ shippers everywhere are devastated.

Although they seem to have ended on good terms…there is one little thing about their breakup that Tayshia would like to address. Tayshia recently stopped by Rachel Lindsay’s podcast Bachelor Happy Hour (FYI, former Bachelorette Becca Kufrin was there, too), and served some pipin’ hot tea.

Rachel asked Tayshia to set the record straight regarding the fact hat JPJ once said he moved to Los Angeles for her. This is totally a fair question, because the man has been sending extremely mixed signals. ICYMI, John also said that he was leaving Maryland to pursue his acting career. So…what’s the truth?!

“Obviously John wants to be close to me. That’s one thing. But he did not move to L.A. for me,” explained Tayshia. “Everyone knows this. I will not have someone move for me unless we’re in a serious relationship.”

The Bachelor in Paradise alum went on to explain that she once moved for a relationship, and really began to resent her partner for it.

“He moved here because he wanted to be an actor, and because he was getting auditions and it was just easier for him to attend those as opposed to flying out. That’s why he moved here, and he knew that story from the beginning.”

Rachel and Becca then chimed in to say that they totally understand why Tayshia’s upset about the whole thing. Now, it seems like Tayshia broke up with John even after he “uprooted his entire life” to be with her. According to Tayshia, that’s totally not the story.

Oh, and BTW…Tayshia confirmed she would totally say yes if ABC asked her to be the next Bachelorette. Please excuse me while I get really excited over that hypothetical scenario.