I’m screaming!

  • Tyler Cameron posted an Instagram poking fun at Nicole Alvar-Lopez and Clay Harbor’s recent feud.
  • Nicole said that Clay only wanted to go on Bachelor in Paradise to “get back into his failed NFL career.”

It looks like men of Bachelor Nation are not over Nicole Alvar-Lopez and Clay Harbor’s social media feud that went down last week, cause now they’re out here making fun of the drama on IG.

ICYMI, Nicole still seems pretty pissed at Clay for not wanting to get engaged after their run on Bachelor in Paradise. Last week she fully went off on Clay in a random fan’s comments, saying, among many other things, that Clay went on the show “for clout to see if he’d gain 15 minutes of fame and get back into his failed NFL career.” Which, woof!

Clay seemed to think that Nicoles comments were a bit harsh and especially took offense to the “failed NFL career” jab.

And now it seems like Nicole and Clay’s fight might be iconic, because their fellow Bachelor alum Tyler Cameron decided to troll the feud and posted a photo of himself shirtless with the caption, “This is what a failed football career looks like…”

Colton Underwood got in on the joke, writing, “Weird…That’s not what my looks like. WTF.” And Clay might be over the whole situation, cause he chimed in, commenting “I wish my ‘failed football career’ looked like that 😍.” While dear, sweet Connor Saeli totally missed the joke and decided to focus on Tyler’s slamming bod, writing, “A girl sitting next to me right now on a plane just pulled up this picture and screamed….almost had to make an emergency landing.”

So, uh, I guess it’s your move, Nicole!