Footage of the canceled game has been uploaded to Youtube.

One of the lost gems of video game history has been uncovered, as an early build of StarCraft: Ghost for the original Xbox has seemingly leaked online, with footage of the first part of the game available on YouTube.

StarCraft: Ghost was an action/stealth game being developed for Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2, and Xbox back in the early ’00s. The game starred Nova, a Terran secret agent with psychic powers. Little is known about the story of the game outside of the existing footage and spin-off media (such as comics and novels), as it was canceled without a solid explanation as to why Blizzard shut down production.

It seems that fans will be learning a lot more about StarCraft: Ghost as a copy of the game is seemingly in the wild. Footage of the game has been posted to YouTube by a user named Leerz Menesses. According to the description of the video, the game was found on a devkit and it can access the first two missions, though both have a fair share of bugs. The video shows around ten minutes of footage from the game.

According to Kotaku, a link to the build is available online with photographic proof of its legitimacy. It’s likely that fans are already pouring through the files of the game and datamining all of the information that was available in the devkit, in the same way that people did with the Space World ’97 demo of Pokémon Gold & Silver. 

Fans have been wanting to play StarCraft: Ghost for over a decade now and Blizzard was always evasive as to why the game was canceled and why it hasn’t been revived on other systems, despite the clear enthusiasm for the game. The questions that fans have had about StarCraft: Ghost may soon be uncovered and, depending on the state of the build, it could be possible for the game to be fixed up and made playable, even if it’s just the first couple of levels. Blizzard might not be releasing any StarCraft related material at the moment, but the fans can make do with a game that was thought lost forever.