Don’t want to sit through that cutscene? Soon, Borderlands 3 will let you skip it. Oh, and you’ll get three more levels. That’s cool too.

The February patch in Borderlands 3 will bring a bunch of long-request features, including a level cap increase and skippable cutscenes.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! And in the world of Borderlands, that means Broken Hearts Day, the day where you confess your love in the only language that Borderlands knows: bullets.

In keeping with this time of interpersonal displays of affection, Gearbox has posted a news update that reveals what’s coming with Borderlands 3‘s February patch and a mini roadmap for what’s on the horizon.

“We’ve been hard at work since launch crafting additional content and updating the existing game,” writes Gearbox on their website. “It’s been a tricky, trying process at times, but we’re committed to making Borderlands 3 the best possible Borderlands experience.”

And there are a lot of fans for Gearbox to cater to. Last we heard, Take-Two Interactive reported 8 million units sold, which means there are a lot of voices all asking for quality of life improvements.

Perhaps the most numerous request since the game’s release (besides increasing everyone’s vault size) has been skippable cutscenes. That’s coming with February’s patch along with an increase in the level cap from 50 to 53. That means three more skill points to tinker with on your Vault Hunter.

Along with these most-requested updates will also come a pair of toggles for both Guardian Ranks and Events. As of February’s patch, you’ll be able to turn on and off the world-changing effects of Events and Guardian Ranks at the press of a button, providing players with the vanilla Borderlands 3 experience whenever they want.

And of course, it wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without the Broken Hearts event. This event will bring a new Legendary Maliwan SMG, a new Jakobs sniper rifle, new skins, and a weapon trinket. It all begins once the patch downloads on Thursday, February 13th.

As for what’s on the horizon, March will bring improvements to Fight for your Life, Mayhem 2.0, and the long-promised ECHOcast Twitch Extension. There will also be stability and performance updates to go along with it. Further out will be UI improvements that will arrive with the second DLC after Moxxi’s Heist Of The Handsome Jackpot.