Another Cyberpunk 2077 stream is on the way, and this time it will detail lifepaths and weapons.

Cyberpunk 2077 is getting closer, and CD Projekt Red has announced a new Night City Wire stream to detail more features and systems in the upcoming action-RPG. The next stream will debut on Monday, August 10 at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET.

CDPR shared the news on Twitter, with word that this edition of Night City Wire will focus on lifepaths, weapons, and the soundtrack. Lifepaths are essentially the character customization flowcharts, and according to the Cyberpunk Wiki the 2077 tabletop game offers three varieties: the StreetKid, the Corpo-Rat, and the Nomad. The video game adaptation may keep those intact or offer new ones entirely.

Meanwhile, the reference to Refused is about the Swedish punk rock band. They’ll be writing and producing a soundtrack as Samurai, an in-world “chrome rock” band. CDPR announced this partnership in July, so this Night City Wire will be the first check-in since then.

The last Night City Wire focused on the world, the “Braindance” investigation mode, and the announcement of a tie-in Edgerunners anime.