Armor mods will, thankfully, have their own tab in Collections.

Bungie’s weekly blog post series—This Week at Bungie—is often dense with information, and this week’s This Week is definitely one of those times. The post for this past week includes details about some upcoming events, like Master Nightmare Hunts, planned nerfs to certain Titan and Warlock supers, and some important changes to the Armor 2.0 modding system introduced with the launch of Shadowkeep.

One of the nicest incoming additions is a tab in Collections for armor mods. That’s a feature whose absence Phil noted in his Shadowkeep review, and Bungie says it was always the intent to include it. In the post, the developers explained that the new system—along with the “housekeeping” planned for Collections in general—took a bit more time than they had planned and will be arriving post-Shadowkeep in the 2.6.1 patch, which is due out later this month.

What’s nice about that is that you’ll be able to see at a glance all the mods that are available for a specific armor slot, rather than only the ones you’ve found. You’ll also be able to see which ones you have left to find and what you’ll need to do to acquire them. 

Bungie also needed additional time to test a few of the broad-category mods—those that aren’t tied to a specific element. Mods for ammo finder and ammo scavenger will be unlocked for all players when they arrive next season, so you won’t need to do any hunting or trading to get your hands on them. Bungie says it’s also working on broad-category mods for ammo capacity, but those still need a bit more time in the oven.

Also beginning next season, Bungie will be easing the restrictions on mod stacking, although this has a couple important caveats. You’ll be able to use multiple copies of the same mod, but these will be subject to diminishing returns—two identical mods will provide 1.5 times the benefit provided by a single copy of the mod, or the equivalent of the enhanced version.