Players in Microsoft Flight Simulator are visiting Jeffrey Epstein’s island and Area 51 in an attempt to solve some of the world’s biggest mysteries.

Gamers have once again found the best unintentional use for a video game by attempting to solve some of the world’s greatest mysteries in Microsoft Flight Simulator. One player, in particular, has been documenting their discoveries online for the world to know the truth behind the death of Jeffrey Epstein and what’s really going on in Area 51. Or at least what Microsoft Flight Simulator wants players to believe.

The original Microsoft Flight Simulator was released 37 years ago in 1982, allowing pilots to fly through virtual skies as a training aid and enthusiast escape. An upgraded version of the flight sim was released in 2006, which greatly enhanced the game’s features. Now, 14 years later, Microsoft Flight Simulator has returned with even more all-new features, gorgeous graphics, and a global multiplayer function. Global multiplayer allows pilots to interact with other players who are flying in the same location. Microsoft Flight Sim allows players to freely explore locations leading to some interesting discoveries.

One virtual pilot who goes by Boldly Building on Twitter has been tweeting his discoveries when flying to mysterious locations. He first visited the private island belonging to Jeffrey Epstein, whose publicized suicide is conspired to be a cover-up for the notoriously well-connected child sex trafficker’s murder. Boldly Building posted images of the island and discovered that he was not the only player who was attempting to solve the mysterious Epstein case. Next, he visited the secluded regions of the Nevada desert in search of Area 51. After further investigation, it was discovered that Area 51 was nothing more than a series of generic European apartment complexes.

After notable eSports inside Rod Breslau shared the Boldly Building’s image on Twitter, other players also shared that they had explored Epstein’s island. Sadly, there isn’t much on the island to be discovered according to the other pilots. One pilot even claimed that the developers used the lowest quality data to generate the island. This could be theorized as the devs hiding what can truly be found on Epstein Island, or it could be that most small, nondescript islands are rendered in low detail like this.

There are plenty more mysteries that can be solved from the comfort of a virtual cockpit, and hopefully, some have easter eggs from the developers. Even a slight nod from the devs when visiting Area 51 or the Bermuda Triangle would be a nice gesture even if it does break the game’s realism. While there may not be a story mode yet, players are creating their own stories, and hopefully, some of the stories can have more interesting outcomes with help from the developers.