Pascal’s Wager is the Dark Souls game for mobile that you never knew existed.

Pascal’s Wager is the Dark Souls game for mobile that you never knew existed.

Historically, Pascal’s Wager is about how it’s better to believe in a Christian God than not since if you believe then you go to Heaven (infinite gain), while if you don’t believe you go to Hell (infinite loss). If God doesn’t exist, you gain nothing and lose nothing for believing or not, so the safe bet is to be a good Christian and go to church.

It’s also a really cool name for a video game. And a mobile game at that.

Pascal’s Wager is an ambitious title that brings console-quality gameplay to your mobile device. Sure, it looks to be the previous generation’s consoles and not the current ones, but let’s be realistic. Carrying around a PS3-quality game in your pocket is a win in my book.

The game is a 3D soulslike, and the Dark Souls influences are numerous. Pascal’s Wager takes From Software’s classic campfire mechanic, stamina-based combat, and tough-as-nails progression and brings it to the small screen. Although there are a few differences worthy of note.

First is there are multiple characters each with their unique combat style, skill tree, and upgrades. One of them looks to be the typical knight class, while another is a gun-wielding ranged fighter. A third is a one-armed, hard-hitting melee class that wields a coffin on a chain like it’s a mace.

As with most mobile games, Pascal’s Wager will come with touchscreen controls but expect those to be problematic since it will reduce your viewable screen space. A controller that you can connect to your phone is likely your best option here, which reduces the game’s portability but vastly improves the gameplay.

And as mentioned previously, the graphics are more PS3 and Xbox 360-era quality than current-gen graphics, but again, you can’t expect too much from a mobile game. Better performance will come with newer phones, so keep that in mind.

Pascal’s Wager is available now for iOS, with the Android version coming later this year .