Visit it on Christmas.

The Cyberpunk Project is one of those Minecraft builds that is simultaneously inspiring and a bit dispiriting, putting my own humble cities of tomorrow to shame. It’s an impressive neon sprawl inspired by Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City, and you’ll be able to explore it yourself soon. In the meantime, check out the time-lapse video and city tour above.

We’ve only seen snippets of Night City of 2077 via trailers and demos, as well as a glimpse of part of the map, so the Cyberpunk Project isn’t a copy, but there are definitely some serious Night City vibes. A lot of people were involved and no two buildings look exactly alike, but the result still looks like a surprisingly cohesive city. 

Along with the striking, complex megastructures, the city houses a port, industrial sector, wind farm, purification plant and a monorail. While the buildings are all detailed and eye-catching, it’s those fancy holograms that have caught my attention. You can’t have a cyberpunk city without massive, imposing adverts and hologram art, and the Cyberpunk Project is full of them. 

You’ll be able to wander the streets of the Cyberpunk Project on December 25. Not me, however, as I will be forcibly detached from my PC for the day and will need to wait until Boxing Day to ditch my family and pretend to be a street samurai.