A boy who loved to play Free Fire racked up a huge bill of ₹40000 on online games leading to tragic consequences.

In a tragic case, it has been revealed that a boy’s fascination for online games cost him his life. A class 6 boy, who loved to play online games like Free Fire, reportedly racked up an enormous bill by making in-game purchases while playing. When the boy’s mother found out, he was scolded, which affected him so much that he took the extreme step and took his own life. The Madhya Pradesh police was called in and a suicide note was recovered, allegedly written by the boy, apologising to his parents for spending ₹40,000 from his mother’s bank account while playing Free Fire online game.

The boy was just 13 years old and lived in the Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh. Sachin Sharma, superintendent of police, Chhatarpur, said that, according to the note, the boy was depressed as he continued to lose money.

Superintendent Sharma explained the events leading up to the tragedy. He said, “The boy’s father runs a pathology lab while his mother works in the district hospital’s pathology department. On Friday, the mother was at the hospital when she received a message notifying her of a transaction of ₹1,500, done from her account. She scolded her son over the phone for spending money on the online game. Later, the boy went to his room and hanged himself. The boy’s elder sister, who first saw him, called the parents. The boy was rushed to a district hospital where he was declared brought dead by doctors.”

However, police are not treating the case as closed yet. It is being investigated whether the boy himself was spending money on the game or if someone was threatening him for money. It is still unclear as yet, how the boy was able to rack up such a massive bill.