Get free apps! Instead of downloading pirated versions of premium apps, here’s how users can get paid Android apps free.

Free apps are very much available, you just need to know where to look. With over three billion active devices and over three million apps reportedly available on the Google Play Store, Android is one of the best platforms for developers to showcase their talent and create and share useful apps and games for users. Many of these apps are available for free and are supported with ads or in-app purchases, while other apps ask for a fee before one can download them from the Play Store. Here is how to get paid Android apps free on Google Play Store.

However, one of the biggest problems faced by developers is piracy, where users download a premium or paid version of an app for free and install it on their device. This is not a concern for iOS developers as users cannot easily install apps from outside the App Store, but continues to remain a thorn in the side of Android developers while posing a threat to users as many of these pirated apps are infected with malware and viruses.

Free apps available: However, just because one cannot afford an application, does not mean that one should look for the pirated version of a premium or paid app. Instead, users should look for apps on the Google Play Store that alert them to discounts or free promotions. Occasionally, developers hold promotions for their Android apps and games allowing users to download the app at a discount, or give away free apps. By using specific apps, users can keep track of which free apps are currently available and download them on their smartphones!

How to browse for free Android apps: Users can also browse apps by category and find useful apps that currently have promotions offering their free Android apps or at a discount. Some of these apps, such as AppsFree also allow users to hide apps that have already been installed, or use keywords and filters to find the right app to download.

The advantage of having an app like AppsFree, AppSales, Paid Apps Gone Free, FreeAppsNow, and more is that once they notify you of promotional free apps, you can download the game and it will get added to your library. This means that users will be able to download paid Android apps for free on Google Play Store later on another device, even after the promotional period has ended.