Protests in Somalia after fatal shooting of at least one person by police enforcing coronavirus-related restrictions.

A police officer in Somalia’s capital has been arrested in the fatal shooting of at least one civilian while enforcing coronavirus restrictions, according to officials.

The shooting on Friday evening sparked protests in Mogadishu that continued on Saturday with crowds of young men burning tires and demanding justice.

There has been growing anger among some residents over alleged abuses by security forces, including beatings while enforcing virus-related restrictions.

Shouts of “No police, no curfew” could be heard as protesters took to the streets and damaged a police landmark at a city roundabout.

The country’s police chief on Saturday fired the commissioner in charge of security in Bondhere district where the shooting took place.

“The particular policeman is detained and will face due process. The curfew has been in place for some time with no incidents and we regret this particular one but it is not a common situation and it is not something that we will tolerate. Thank you,” Deputy Police Commissioner Zakia Hussen said on Twitter.

Somalia has one of the world’s weakest healthcare systems and coronavirus cases have been rising quickly.

According to Somali health officials, 16 patients have died from the coronavirus, while the number of cases stands at 328.