Qatar Airways (QA)  continues to help thousands of stranded travellers return home in these challenging circumstances. The national carrier of Qatar has flown British and Filipino nationals to home safely.  In the last week, Qatar Airways has helped over 1,200 British nationals, stranded in India, reunite with their loved ones. 

“The 10th UK charter flight from Ahmedabad took off today with 253 British nationals on board. More flights from Ahmedabad are arranged by UK government for this week,” said a statement posted yesterday on the official twitter account of the British High Commission in Gujarat and Rajasthan in India.

Hundreds of British national were flown earlier in Qatar Airways flights from Gujarat in India. On Tuesday, Qatar Airways flight took off from Ahmedabad with approximately 260 British nationals on board while 288 British nationals had returned home from Qatar Airways flight from the same city on April 26. 

On April 24, Qatar Airways flew 434 British national to their home from Ahmedabad.The multiple award-winning airline also helped over 300 hundreds of Filipino nationals stranded in Ethiopia unite with their family members.

“A total of 312 Filipino workers in Kombulcha, Ethiopia are returning home via Qatar Airways to the Philippines on April 29,” said Department of Foreign Affairs of The Philippines on its official twitter account yesterday. 

By flying stranded passengers to their homes, Qatar Airways has proved that it is a reliable partner for passengers, governments, travel trade and freight companies in challenging circumstances.

Qatar Airways has helped reunite over one million passengers with their family members, operating a mix of scheduled and charter services plus extra sectors, said the airline in a press release yesterday.
In the past several weeks, the airline has helped repatriate over 45,000 passengers back home to France, 70,000 home to Germany and over 100,000 customers back to the United Kingdom.

Working with governments and group travel companies around the world, the airline operated over 90 charters and extra sector flights taking home over 26,000 stranded travellers. Qatar Airways is working closely with embassies across the globe to arrange charters to repatriate stranded citizens.