Introducing a new Productions panel

Adobe is previewing a new feature for Premiere Pro called Productions that’ll help teams work together on projects. Announced today at the Sundance Film Festival, the new panel was designed with filmmakers in mind, and was created with input from the production teams behind Terminator: Dark Fate and Dolemite is My Name. Adobe says a special build of the feature is also currently being used in editorial on David Fincher’s Mank.

Productions is essentially a new panel that acts as a shared folder system, like Google Drive, to make sharing assets between editors easier and more collaborative. On its blog, Adobe describes potential use cases like managing large projects by dividing them into smaller pieces organized around reels and scenes, or grouping episodic shows by season. The feature is meant to make assets easily accessible so teams can retrieve recurring assets like title sequences or audio elements without having to create duplicates. Agencies can also allocate productions to each of their clients.

The new Production panel uses shared local storage, which allows for multiple editors to work on different projects in the same Production. A project-locking feature protects your work from being saved over, while still letting other people access your work. Other users will be able to copy content, but they won’t be able to make changes until you finish your edit. Adobe says everyone working on a Production will share the same settings for projects, including scratch disks, GPU renderer, and capture and ingest presets. “Nothing is on the cloud unless you put it there,” Adobe explains on its blog. “If needed, you can do all your work without an internet connection.”

Adobe has been introducing collaborative features to more of its software, making the Creative Cloud more conducive to teamwork. The company’s UI prototyping software, Adobe XD, added a beta co-editing feature in November last year.