People who post on the blogging platform are facing issues and not able to gain access to their blogs. Many web pages within Google’s Indian blogging domain are inaccessible at the moment

Google’s is currently inaccessible to many users in India. It seems that Google has forgotten to renew its domain name, which has caused millions of blogging websites to break. Google bought domain in 2003.

People who post on the blogging platform are facing issues and not able to gain access to their blogs. This is because Google has lost rights to the URL

The blogs, however, are visible when users change their existing URLs to, but the major issue is that more than 4.4 million blog users who were using links with domain on various websites now have broken domain links.

According to Next Web, who ran a WHOIS query, Google no longer owns domain. It is not exactly clear when Google lost control over the domain. Regular blog users with can use their domains as for now.

However, from a WHOIS search, domain name seems to have a new domain service provider. It shows that has now acquired the domain name

t’s surprising Google let the domain name lapse given that renewing the domain name shouldn’t cost much. Currently, it’s not clear whether Google is already in talks with the current domain owner. was part of Google-owned Blogger, which was previously known as Blogspot. As per a report by Neowin, country-specific domains are not different blog addresses but just a redirect based on the country where the blogger is living. When a user searches within India, he will get a domain with as against

Country-specific domain names were brought about by Blogger in February 2013, to remove content that would violate local data protection law. This would also allow the company to comply with take-down requests for content hosted on the platform faster and more securely.

However, Google didn’t address the issue and didn’t notify users about losing its ownership over, according to the report.

Blogging has become both a trend and a profit-making business. Many active bloggers use their profile as work samples.