Huawei is looking to reduce dependence on companies such as Google and Microsoft for its future products.

Huawei is reportedly working to replace Windows on its PCs with the homegrown HarmonyOS. The operating system was launched in 2019 after the Chinese company was put in a blacklist by the US.

Huaweicentral (via Gizchina) reports the company is looking to replace Windows 10 on its PCs with HarmonyOS 2.0. These PCs could be powered by Kunpeng processors. The website further says that the company is already getting support several provinces, cities and regions in China for the supply chain for PCs.

Huawei has been looking at ways to reduce dependence on the US technologies following the restrictions. HarmonyOS is seen as a key step towards achieving software independence. Already, the company has launched multiple devices with the HarmonyOS.

On phones, it’s installing HMS (Huawei Mobile Services) that aim to offer apps equivalent to Google’s key apps. Earlier this year, Huawei said its AppGallery is the third largest in the world.

“Huawei AppGallery is one of the world’s top three application store, serving over 600 million Huawei device users in over 170 countries/regions with a rich curation of global and local apps,” the company had said in a press release.

It may be recalled that Huawei has planned to expand HarmonyOS to many more devices beyond TVs. The company last year had said the software will be cross-platform compatible. Apart from TVs, Huawei has already confirmed plans to launch car interface, PCs, and smartwatches with the Harmony OS.