Last Friday, Apple’s stock opened at $318.79. Over the past week, the number dropped by$ 45.27, or 14.2%, to only $273.52. Although the impact of the epidemic on Apple’s operations has not completely ended, Cook’s optimistic statement and the iPhone 9 (iPhone SE 2), which may be released in March, may benefit Apple.

Analysts predict that the iPhone 9 will bring Apple $12 billion in revenue this year, roughly equivalent to selling 30 million units for $399. But this may happen if coronavirus doesn’t force the company to make some changes to its plans. If listening to Apple CEO Tim Cook, he believes that the worse is behind Apple. In fact, we can’t understand his confidence.

The overall appearance of the iPhone 9 is similar to the iPhone 7/. But it comes with a more powerful 7nm A13 processor chip. Although, this handset returns the 4.7-inch display and Touch ID. It also pleases those who miss the small screen with one hand and the front physical fingerprint. Agree, though Apple couldn’t predict the whole world will walk with masks on faces, this may become a conductive factor. We mean Face ID doesn’t work properly for those who are wearing masks. And the iPhone 9’s Touch ID is what people need now.

Other rumors also say that Apple will use this conference to bring the iPad Pro equipped with ToF multi-camera, a Bluetooth headset, eighth-generation iPod Touch, new Apple TV and so on.

In addition to maintaining expectations for Apple’s new products, the outside world also hopes that the press conference time will not be postponed.