Remember when Twitter was actually fun?

It is perhaps an understatement to say that Twitter is often a bad place to be on the internet in 2019. But what if there were a place where with only good tweets? That’s the idea behind Twitter’s latest effort, @TwitterRetweets, a new account that aims to highlight the best of Twitter. Per the account description, Twitter Retweets will provide followers with “Your best Tweets. Retweeted.”

In many ways, Twitter Retweets is an extension of Twitter’s recent marketing efforts from over the summer that also sought to highlight the good parts of the platform (and not just the endless stream of bots, misinformation, Nazis, and misinformed Nazi-bots). Twitter also recently relaunched its Instagram account in a similar vein, posting screenshots of good tweets on the photo-sharing site. It’s only natural that Twitter would eventually seek to replicate that on its own platform; the result is Twitter Retweets.

Will this fix any of Twitter’s problems? Definitely not. But it does give the company a place to highlight the best of Twitter, instead of putting all the focus on the worst, in a way that builds on Twitter’s own unique platform features (mainly, the ability to retweet tweets).

If nothing else, the tweets are pretty good. I’ve embedded a few of them below to give an idea of what to expect.

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