Those dongles, though

Wacom is launching its $399 Wacom One creative pen display at CES, its most affordable tablet to date. The 13-inch display works with macOS and Windows devices, in addition to an unexpected new compatibility: Android devices.

Wacom says there are no plans to add iPhone compatibility yet, but at that point, wouldn’t you just get an iPad? The same argument could go for Android tablets. However, the Wacom One could come in handy for people who have Android phones, but not laptops. There are illustration apps like Autodesk SketchBook that could give artists the flexibility to work while connected to their phones, too. Either way, it’s nice to have an additional option, despite the dongle situation presented above. Unfortunately, the Wacom One still uses the three-port HDMI / USB / power cable with no support for USB-C, so you’ll need a dongle to connect to newer MacBooks or Android devices.

The Wacom One has a 1920 x 1080 HD display with 72 percent NTSC color, and a nice matte display with an anti-glare film that feels great to draw on. Wacom says the One was created with “creative beginners, social content creators and visual thinkers” in mind, gearing the tablet toward entry-level artists. The Wacom One is about the size of an iPad, but chunkier in width, so it feels sturdy in a way that you could trust young kids to draw on it. In my opinion, it’s the first Wacom pen display that’s truly portable, practical, and small enough that it wouldn’t look out of place if you took it to work at a cafe.

The Wacom One is available now on the Wacom website for $399, as well as other retailers like Amazon and Best Buy.