A WhatsApp account can be banned if users break this rule regarding linking with these apps – WhatsApp Plus.

There are many things that you can do on WhatsApp, but here is one that can land you in trouble with the world’s most popular messenger app. Your WhatsApp account will be banned if you happen to use this app that the Facebook owned company frowns upon. The thing is, while WhatsApp is racing to provide to its users the benefit of the latest features, there are still some that are missing on it, but these are present on WhatsApp’s rival apps. These features include auto-replies, scheduling chats and many others. What some developers have done, according to Express, is create unofficial versions of WhatsApp by adding these fancy features that users love and they encourage WhatsApp users to transfer their chats into their apps. However, these remain unofficial versions of WhatsApp. So, what some WhatsApp users are doing, is that they actually transfer their chats to these other apps in an effort to use these extra features available there. One app that this can be done on is WhatsApp Plus.

Clearly, WhatsApp users need these extra features on their WhatsApp accounts, but since they are not available there, they go to these third-party apps. But that is asking for trouble. When WhatsApp takes action against such accounts, it can simply slap a permanent ban. Not just WhatsApp Plus, there are other third party apps that WhatsApp frowns upon like GB WhatsApp.

What WhatsApp is actually stressing, is the fact that many third-party apps sneak in malicious software into your gadget thereby compromising security. Also, these apps are not downloadable from a relatively safe platform like Google Play Store, they are side-loaded from other websites and therefore, the risk of getting your gadget infected are very high.

And users should remember that the reason they went to WhatsApp was its ability to provide end-to-end encryption facility. That means total security and privacy is maintained by WhatsApp and that ensures user experience is as pleasant as possible and that too without any interruptions by nasty surprises.