“It’s been a long road to recovery, and while I was looking forward to…defending my title at Indian Wells, unfortunately I’m still not 100 percent…” These words had throbbed into the ears of so many tennis fans and the tennis community knowing that the spunky Canadian Bianca Andreescu will not be participating at Indian Wells this year.

It was last October that the Canadian was seen on court blasting serves and giving ‘the junk’ to her opponents to win games and matches. But there is quietness now since Andreescu experienced a knee injury five months ago at the WTA Finals in Shenzhen, China.

“I stepped weirdly on a return. I heard my knee crack. It kind of went inwards…At some point an athlete has to say ‘stop’ and just listen to their body. that’s what I did,” Andreescu said after the injury.

She would have never predicted that it would keep her off the court for nearly half the year There is probably for Andreescu not only frustration building, but an eagerness to go on the court, yet severe doubt of not being ready to participate at full blast and get re-injured.

She was on the roster of the Canadian Fed Cup, but in spirit only, left physically unable to play. “I don’t want to stop,” she had said to her coach Sylvain Bruneau right after the injury. But the Canadian probably meant that her ending play would be quite temporary.

There is still memories of her 2109 performances when she captured a triple-victory by defeating Angelique Kerber at the Indian Wells Final. A brief shoulder injury and then the Canadian returns to win the Rogers Cup in Toronto.

This is not to say the surprise also when she wins over Serena Williams to capture the U.S. Open title. Andreescu had commented on her excellent performances saying “It’s been amazing. I really can’t complain. I made history in Canada.

I won my first slam. My game just keeps getting better and better.” Since the October injury, Bianca Andreescu’s withdrawals are mounting, no fault though of her own. Some injuries take longer to heal than others.

There will be the ‘truth or dare’ factor also coming to light. The realization of not being able to play combined with the desire to try movement and hitting just a bit. Andreescu is facing a double-edged sword now of coming to terms of ‘not now’ and possibly ‘not for a long while’ will she be close to 100 percent.

The return to court with her bag of tricks to slam winners and get titles will be brutal to her opponents. But how long will it be? It’s difficult to say, but when the time comes anyone across the net from her should be aggressive and ready for the Canadian to return sizzling them all off the court again.