Lewis Hamilton deserves much of the credit for Mercedes run of six Constructors’ titles with Ross Brawn saying the Brit is “rewriting” F1’s history.

Mercedes clinched the teams’ title last time out in Suzuka as their 1-3 result on the day gave them an unassailable 179-point lead over Ferrari.

225 of those points came from Hamilton’s nine victories while Valtteri Bottas added a further 75 in wins with Mercedes taking the chequered flag in 12 of this year’s 17 races.

It has been an impressive season from the Brackley who also bagged eight 1-2 results.

However, Brawn, F1’s sporting boss, says much of the credit needs to go to Hamilton.

“Much of this success is down to Lewis Hamilton, an amazing driver who is rewriting the history of this sport in a manner all his own,” said the Brit.

“It’s always difficult to establish how much is down to the car and how much to the driver, but in the end, for me, it’s the team that counts the most.

“Formula 1 is a team sport and even if the driver is the star of the show he cannot win without a team behind him.

“Mercedes has reached a higher level than its rivals and so far has been almost untouchable.”

Brawn, though, has warned his former team that it will not last forever.

“However, without wishing to be the bearer of bad tidings, sooner or later the wind changes,” he added.

“It’s the law of the jungle in every sport.

“But no matter what may come, the achievements of the men and women of Brackley, Brixworth and Stuttgart will always be in the history books.”

Hamilton could wrap up a sixth double for Mercedes at the Mexican GP, although the Mercedes double is guaranteed given that only Hamilton and Bottas are still in the title race.