So much for that breakup, eh?

  • TMZ is reporting that Travis Scott may have moved back in with Kylie Jenner.
  • This comes just days after People reported that the Kardashians are rooting for Travis and Kylie to get back together.

Welp, it looks like Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott appear to be on the fast track to getting back together, despite officially breaking up less than three weeks ago. I mean, are we *really* all that surprised? I’m not, TBH.

According to a TMZ report, Kylie and Travis have been spending a lot of time together recently and are “getting very comfortable” with each other since their split, and that’s only going to continue. Travis has been spending a lottt of time at Kylie’s house in Calabasas lately because he broke his knee while performing at the Rolling Loud Music Festival, but that’s giving him more of an opportunity to spend extra time with their daughter, Stormi. Travis and Kylie are still maintaining their friendship, but they’ll be spending more time together as a family unit because the holidays are swiftly coming up.

And while Travis and Kylie haven’t yet slapped the “couple” label back onto their relationship, TMZ’s sources (who are close to Travis and Kylie) are pretty sure they’ll be back together by the end of the year. This is great news for the Kardashians, who, if you recall, are rooting for Travis and Kylie to get back together.

“Her family wants them to be together. Travis might not be perfect, but he’s a great partner and dad,” a source told People earlier this week. “Everyone would be upset if Kylie can’t figure things out with Travis.” IDK…something tells me Travis and Kylie are probably gonna get back together waaay sooner than we think. Only time will tell!