It’s for a movie, but it’s okay if you pretend it’s for an A-Rod wedding.

  • Jennifer Lopez’s wedding dress from the set of her movie Marry Me is ev-er-y-thing.
  • She was photographed in it on the streets of NYC, and the vibe is very “Christmas Barbie bride.”

In my head, the new pics of Jennifer Lopez in a Zuhair Murad Couture wedding dress come from her and Alex Rodriguez getting married in a big ceremony and living happily ever after in blissful multi-millionaire matrimony.

In reality, that is not what’s happening. (But it’s okay if you want to pretend for a hot sec, I won’t tell anyone.) Jennifer Lopez was spotted on the streets of New York City in an enormous strapless wedding gown and veil, but alas, it’s not really her own.

J.Lo is starring in a rom-com called Marry Me, and she wore the wedding gown for ~acteur~ filming purposes. In the movie, she’s playing a pop star (LOL, what a stretch) who finds out her rock-star fiancé cheated right before their wedding, so she picks a rando fan in her audience to marry instead.

That is a lot of dress to work with, but J.Lo’s been in like 50 movies and just might be up for an Oscar for Hustlers this year, so she’s got it covered.

The Zuhair Murad Couture dress is riddled with sparkling embellishments and an extra, extra, extra long train.

Marry Me’s looking great already. It’s still okay if you pretend for a second that this is what she’ll wear during her upcoming wedding to Alex Rodriguez though. Nobody will judge you for feeling the fantasy.