Kangana Ranaut is one actress in Bollywood who is known for calling spade a spade. She has never shied away from taking a stand on matters of importance or voicing her opinions. She recently spoke on the matter of the four rapists who were convicted in the Nirbhaya gang rape being hanged. Speaking about the delayed justice and how these things needed to be rectified as soon as possible, she said, “Our judicial system is quite old and unfair. It took seven long years for our judicial system to give verdict on a horrific rape and murder case that shook the entire nation. I remember taking part in the candle march for Nirbhaya at the time when I was shooting for Queen. There should have been quick justice for such brutal crime. Indirectly we have tortured Nirbhaya’s mother and the entire family for seven long years.”
Elaborating further, she added, “The judicial system has taken so long to deliver justice in this case that people have already forgotten about the case and moved on. I feel related to Nirbhaya’s mom’s name Asha Devi since my mother’s name is Asha. I still remember the time when my sister Rangoli had an acid attack and the accused had got bail people used to question us on how we could let go the accused and keep quite. Those were the times I used to feel angry on our judiciary as why the accused was granted bail and the victim suffered. Rangoli suffered ear burns and her eye was damaged. I got her retina transplanted but it was only possible because I was an actress, had it been any common man, it would have still remained the same. The times we tried to move on people came questioning us as why we were letting the accused go free. Just think about Nirbhaya’s mother facing people for seven long years. People would not even let her emerge from the shock if she wanted to. We have tortured her family for seven long years and killed them indirectly.”
She goes on to ask people if they would like it if she shows them her movie’s start now and ending after a few days. “I think there should be memorials on the names of the girls who are rape victims because we do not have to kill the accused but the thinking they have and their minds change by the thoughts that if I rape s girl or throw acid on someone no one will accept me,” she concluded.