There is a common notion now in the industry that actors and actresses are not willing to join the shoots immediately even if the government gives permission to shoot. All the shootings have been stalled more than 60 days back and no work of production is happening. It is said that actors and actresses are feared to join the shoot immediately because of the fear of the coronavirus.

However it seems it is a wrong notion as few of the actors and actresses are willing to join the shoot and complete their commitments as soon as possible. Lavanya Tripathi is one of them. The actress has revealed that she can’t wait for enough to join the shoot. We can’t eradicate the virus completely as of now. We need to learn to live with the virus and take precautionary measures. We cannot lock ourselves up for this long. We need to move on said the actress.

Lavanya Tripathi is currently playing a lead role in the movie A1 Express which has Sundeep Kishan in the lead role. Lavanya Tripathi will be seen as a hockey player in the movie and she even learned hockey to play her role.