Right after he managed to turn some eyes towards him with his recent films ‘Naked’ and ‘Climax’, Ram Gopal Varma decided to cash it better using the existing craze for his feud with Pawan Kalyan.

The sensational filmmaker announced ‘Power Star’ movie and the first look is out today and like all of us anticipated, it has the main lead who looks like Pawan Kalyan and the tag line ‘Ennikala Phalithala Tarvata Katha’ says it all. Needless to say that Pawan Kalyan’s lost in both seats he contested and RGV seems to have cooked up a story around it.

While RGV’s ‘Power Star’ stills are clearly understood that he meant to show Pawan Kalyan in it, many wondered what the Janasena chief’s reaction would be. Like all the controversies, Pawan Kalyan is expected to stay calm and let is pass. But, someone close to Pawan Kalyan is heard to have said that Pawan Kalyan had a glance at all those stills released by RGV, and his reaction was just a laugh.

Pawan Kalyan is heard to have laughed off at the pictures from RGV’s Power Star and he just ignored it so he can focus on better things. Pawan Kalyan seems to have chosen not to react and respond to RGV. Finally, he might have realized how RGV would be waiting for his reaction, to make the best use of it.