The lockdown weight gain is not a joke and many of us have gotten habituated to binge eating out of boredom or due to a lot of idle time in hands. Moreover, the unfettered food at home and no gyms or socializing has left many get into overweight issues. But, actress Khushboo, who was plus-sized earlier stunned us with her new slim avatar.

Khushboo utilized lockdown to lose a substantial amount of weight and she left netizens in awe after she posted a new picture of hers in a toned body. The latest picture shows the actress with clear and dewy skin, reflecting her healthy lifestyle to achieve this amazing body and she definitely looks younger now. Moreover, Khushboo wore a pretty gown, looking chic like never before.

Khuhoo has two daughters, Avantika and Ananditha who are pretty plumpy since their childhood. However, Ananditha has lost oodles of weight early this year. Previously, Ananditha was a victim of body shaming on the internet and Khushboo took a stand and slammed netizens for calling her daughter fat and ugly. Today, both daughter and mother showed what dedication and willpower are like with losing all those extra pounds like a boss.