Upasana Kamineni Konidela wrote an elaborate emotional post in which she explained how the last 20 days have been for the family. She said the family had lost 3 elderly people including her paternal grandfather Umapathy Rao Kamineniand. She described that the last 20 days were emotionally draining.

Upasana said Ram Charan and she couldn’t celebrate their 8th wedding anniversary much. She said they were in no mood to celebrate their anniversary due to the tragic things that took place in the recent days. She said Charan and she ate 3 different kinds of Avakaya Pachadi Annam, Chips and watched TV on their 8th wedding anniversary.

“The last 20 days have emotionally drained us. We’ve lost 3 elderly in the family, heard sad news about @sushantsinghrajput , the rising #Covid cases & soldiers giving their life to protect our country…. it hasn’t been easy.

Exactly a week ago was our 8 th wedding anniversary & neither of us were in the mood to celebrate. We ate 3 different kinds of avakaya pachadi annam with chips & watched tv. An unforgettable lesson learnt on togetherness.
Each element in this image will help u discover something new about us.”