The international implications that that has.

  • Prince William and Kate Middleton invited Camila Cabello to Kensington Palace for the BBC Radio 1 Teen Hero Awards.
  • Camila was there to help honor teens who have committed themselves to helping others.

I know we’ve all been obsessing over whether or not Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes are still together—they are—and that video of her singing along to “Fabulous” by THEE Sharpay Evans, but it’s time to direct our attention to Kensington Palace. Turns out, not only does Camila have pull within the music industry, but she’s also pretty chill with the royal family. Who would’ve thought!

Apparently Camila, Prince William, and Kate Middleton go way back to earlier this month when they met at some reception. Fast forward a few weeks and the Cambridges invited her to help honor some inspiring teens who have done impressive work helping others.

The ten finalists for the Teen Hero Awards were invited to the palace today, and three of them (Hazel, 12, Rachel, 17, and Scarlett, 14) will be invited to another ceremony next month. Hazel raises money for charity and has a genetic disorder that makes her extremely sensitive to sunlight, Rachel’s working to make the future better for young people by focusing on knife crimes, and Scarlett cares for her mom, sister, and grandma.

It’s not clear if Camila will have any part in the November 24 ceremony, but can we all agree that she looks at home in that palace!?