Theatrical exhibition industry came to a standstill amidst the Coronavirus pandemic around 3, 4 months ago. Even as the reopening of theatre chains across the world continues to be a mystery, acclaimed Hollywood filmmaker Christopher Nolan has been adamant about releasing his sci-fi action thriller, Tenet, on July 17th, as scheduled earlier.

However, Warner Bros, the Hollywood distribution giant that’s releasing Tenet, managed to convince Nolan to postpone the film’s release by two weeks. Tenet will finally be hitting screens worldwide on July 31st.

In Tenet, the protagonist, played by John David Washington, is tasked to save the world from extinction due to a possible World War III, or much more. It almost seems coincidental that Tenet will almost ‘restart’ the world’s entertainment scene with is big bang release.

Tenet also features top-rated Hollywood stars like Robert Pattinson, Michael Caine and Elizabeth Debicki in lead characters. Like most of Nolan’s previous movies, Tenet is also a mind-bending thriller that’s based on the ‘Inversion of Time’.